Red White and No Blues

Red, White and No Blues at Latte Da

It’s Latte Da’s Fourth Thursday Wine Tasting…on Tuesday. Yes, yes, we know: it’s the wrong day! But what with the holiday weekend coming up (INDEPENDENCE DAY AT FORT VANCOUVER, PEOPLE!), and things being so busy at Latte Da, the most patriotic thing to do was to drink wine even SOONER. “Red, White, and No Blues” will put you in exactly the right frame of mind to celebrate our great nation’s birth, and it’s happening from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28.

You’ll get four tastings for $10. Complimentary light appetizers will be provided, with a full food and drink menu available if you’re still hungry and/or thirsty and need more. The evening features all-American red and white wines. If you can find a blue American wine, we’d like to know about it. (…and for heaven’s sake, there’ll be no British wines! Wait—does such a thing even exist? Ha, ha, Britain, you should have thought about that before taxing our tea.)

Latte Da Coffee House and Wine Bar is located at 205 E. 39th St., just a couple blocks west of Main St. north of downtown Vancouver. For more information, visit