Liger Roast

Liger Roast at Paper Tiger

Lion + tiger = liger. Yup, it's real thing, and not just a figment of Napoleon Dynamite's imagination. Paper Tiger's new Liger Roast is the result of a delicious partnership between Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters and the Washington State School for the Blind (WSSB). Here's the story:

DavenportRoastingKenny Fletcher, Paper Tiger's owner, was approached by WSSB's Community Liaison & Transition Coordinator, about teaching the fine craft of coffee-roasting to a WSSB student candidate, Cameron Davenport. Fletcher told them about a new coffee blend he was working on, and thought it might be a good fit for the school's private roast label and a perfect way to introduce Davenport to coffee-roasting—and thus the Liger Roast was born, a richly roasted combination of two Direct Trade beans from Brazil and El Salvador. The beans may be from South America, but the roast is a truly local product, and you can only get it at Paper Tiger.

LigerLogoThe new roast was given the "liger" moniker because WSSB's school mascot is a lion and, of course, Paper Tiger is all about tigers. The roast's logo was designed by another enterprising WSSB student, and Paper Tiger created a custom logo stamp to label every bag of Liger Roast that Davenport makes. Davenport also works with a roasting facility on the WSSB campus and has taught six other students how to roast the perfect bean. Together, they roast as much coffee as the school coffee shop needs every day. And here's the most delicious thing: all profits from the sale of this coffee at Paper Tiger are donated to WSSB.

To order yourself a bag of Liger, visit—or better yet, drop by the store at 703 Grand Blvd. in Vancouver for a freshly-brewed cup.