Matthew Harmon in the Loo-vre

You might not know this, but inside Angst Gallery is a very exclusive, very high-class “inner gallery” where only the most high-end art is exhibited. It’s called “The Loo-vre,” and it is located…in the bathroom. It is open, well, any time you need to go (that is, any time you need to go during regular gallery hours). The Loo-vre’s featured artist for September is Matthew Harmon, who grew up in the Pacific Northwest, roaming the “immense and ancient” forest.

He was particularly struck by the place where encroaching suburban development met the wildness of the woods, where non-living intersected with living, the rigid lines of new construction juxtaposed with the free-growing chaos of old growth forest. He is drawn to the “contentious, careless separation between our culture and the so-called natural world,” he says. “Through our technological obstructions we stave off the flora and fauna, the organic.” Harmon’s arresting artworks featuring natural, flowing forms are right at home in a space created to serve basic biological needs.

For more information about this and other exhibits—like September’s “Red” exhibit in honor of National Redhead Days—contact Jackson at or Christopher Luna at or 360-910-1066. You can also visit Angst Gallery online at Angst Gallery is located at 1015 Main St. in downtown Vancouver, adjacent and connected to Niche Wine Bar, so you can grab a cool glass of Chardonnay and amble around the gallery. For gallery hours, visit

Above image: detail from Matthew Harmon’s “Amoeba Flower”

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