Cooking Class: Summer Salads & Seafood Cakes

Nothing says summer like a cool, crisp salad and a savory seafood cake. Class cooking will put you in that summery food mood with its Summer Salads and Seafood Cakes classes on Thursday, July 27, and Sunday, July 30. The Thursday class is at 10 p.m. and is $60, including plenty of free coffee, and the Sunday class is at 4 p.m. and is $80, and includes plenty of wine! Students will learn how to make crab cakes, shrimp cakes, and fish cakes. Each version of seafood cake will paired with a Summer salad for the perfect meal on your patio or deck with friends and family. Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Thai crab cakes with peanut sauce
  • Asian salad with ginger-sesame dressing
  • White fish cakes with avocado-tomatillo sauce
  • Southwest Caesar salad with roasted corn, avocado, and pumpkin seeds
  • Spicy shrimp cakes with orange-ginger Aaioli
  • Orange, avocado, and blue cheese salad with poppy seed dressing

Is your mouth watering yet? Good. Call 360-600-8006 or visit to get signed up. Class Cooking is located in downtown Vancouver at 110 E. 15th St. Limited off-street parking is available in the adjacent lot.

Above image: white fish cakes with avocado-tomatillo sauce

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