Tomorrow at the Kiggins

Just in time for Earth Day, acclaimed documentary “Tomorrow” opens Friday, April 21, at the Kiggins Theatre in downtown Vancouver and also at the Liberty Theatre in downtown Camas.

Shortly after having her first child, French actress and director Mélanie Laurent (“Inglourious Basterds”) became aware that humankind’s environmental impact on the planet had reached a critical stage, which could threaten human life as we know it. Conscious of the kind of world her son would grow up in, Laurent teamed up with partner Cyril Dion to make “Tomorrow,” a documentary about our environmental and social challenges.

The film’s incredible success lies in their choice not to frighten—though the facts are sobering—but to inspire; to go beyond disaster scenarios and share concrete solutions as implemented by hundred of communities around the world. Traveling to ten countries, from the urban farms of Detroit to an English town that mints its own David Bowie currency to encourage local spending, from a completely sustainable village in southern India to the progressive schools of Finland, Laurent and her colleagues introduce viewers to people making a difference in the fields of food, energy, finance, democracy, and education. Their shared ideas and examples make “Tomorrow” an essential and unexpectedly inspirational viewing experiences.

The Kiggins Theatre is located at 1011 Main St. in downtown Vancouver. All seats are $9 except for Monday, when all tickets are $6. The film will be shown daily, April 21 through Tuesday, April 25. See for exact showtimes. The Liberty Theatre is located at 315 N.E. 4th Ave. in downtown Camas, and the movie will be showing in its Granada Studio. Showings are April 21 through Thursday, April 27, with no showing on Wednesday, April 26. Tickets are $4.50 before 6 p.m. and $5.50 afterward, except Mondays, when all tickets are $3.50. See for exact showtimes. In the meantime, take a peek at the trailer below:

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