Tree Seedling Sale

While it might still be winter, landowners can begin making plans to beautify their yards and help wildlife by planting tree and shrub seedlings now. The Clark County Farm Forest Association will hold a tree seedling sale from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday, March 25, in the parking lot of Albertson’s Food and Drug at 2108 Main St. in Battle Ground. Choose from over 20 varieties of trees, including sturdy Northwest varieties of cedar, fir, spruce, hemlock, and pine. You might also find ginkgo, Oregon ash, giant sequioa, vine maple, flowering currant, Pacific willow, and red osier dogwood (among many others, which you can peruse at your leisure by viewing or downloading this flyer).

With prices from $1 to $4 per seedling, you’ll be able to start a national forest in your back yard. If you have questions about the best growing conditions for each kind of tree, or inquiries about proper tree care and maintenance, volunteers from the Washington State University Master Gardener program will be present and willing to share all sorts of arboreal tips. For more information, visit

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