Teen Overnight Movie Marathon

If you’re a teenager, the idea of staying up ALL NIGHT LONG is immensely appealing. If you’re an adult, the idea of a night on on the town WITHOUT YOUR TEEN followed by a sound night’s sleep is even more thrilling. Accomplish both things at once when you bring your teen movie buff to the Camas Library’s Teen Overnight Movie Marathon Lock-In, happening from 5 p.m. Friday night, Feb. 10, through 8 a.m. Saturday morning, Feb. 11.

Teens will vote for and watch movies all night long. Movie-watchers should bring their own dinners, snacks, pillows, sleeping bags (air mattresses are also OK), and flashlights. Donuts and juice will be provided for breakfast. Activities between movies include trivia games with prizes and a midnight tour of the library’s basement. (Good, creepy fun!) Registration and a parental permission slip are required; call 360-834-4692 or RSVP in person at the library.

The event is free and there will be plenty of adult supervision (approximately one parent for every five teens). Once your teen is there at 5 p.m. (sharp!), there’s no leaving until 8 a.m. (unless, of course, it’s an emergency). This is for kids in grades seven to 12 only. Teens must presents their parent-signed permission slip to get in; permission slips are available on the Camas Library’s website or in the library. The library welcomes parent chaperones for some or all of the night. To volunteer or get more information, call the library at 360-834-4692.

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