Mason Bee Basics

There’s a lot of buzz about mason bees these days, and for good reason: these friendly, solitary little workers are master pollinators and a friend to any garden. At this free workshop—”Mason Bee Basics: More Buzzzz for Your Backyard”—Master Gardener and mason bee expert Billie Bevers will teach you what you need to know to make your garden attractive to mason bees, including what to plant and what kind of “bee houses” mason bees like best. (Maybe you’ve seen them in gardens or stores: collections of little tubes where the bees can comfortably nest.) It may still be winter, but it’s not too early to prepare your yard to be more productive than ever with a little help from the bees.

The workshop will be held from 11 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Feb. 18, at The Mall Library Connection, 8700 N.E. Vancouver Mall Dr., Suite 285, near J.C. Penney. No registration is required. For more information, call The Mall Library Connection at 360-906-5000 or visit The Mall Library Connection’s Facebook page.

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