Life-Size Clue at the Library

Do you have a preteen who needs to get a Clue? Why not take them to the Life-Size Clue game at the Vancouver Community Library from 4 to 5 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 26? This is the second time this has evening of whodunnit fun for tweens has been offered; there was a Life-size Clue game last Saturday as well. The Jan. 26 Life-Size Clue is the last one planned for a while—but if there’s a lot of interest, it might become a regular thing!

When you arrive, you’ll notice that the entire Children’s Program Room has been transformed into a large-as-life game board. Tweens will become the characters in the game, moving themselves around the “board” as play progresses. Costumes are welcome. (Parents, by the way, are also welcome to participate—and we know you want to!) There’s a literary twist to the game, as well, because all of the characters and props are drawn from children’s books and media. For example, players will try to figure out if the killer was Newt Scamandar at Camp Half-Blood with the lightsaber…or Nikki Maxwell at Hogwarts with Thor’s Hammer. Tweens will put their budding detective skills to the test to find out how Mr. Body met his sticky end.

For more information about this and other programs at the Vancouver Community Library, call 360-906-5000 or visit The Vancouver Community Library is located at 901 C St. in downtown Vancouver, and the Children’s Program Room is in the Children’s Section on Level 3. All library events and programs are free and no registration is required.

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