Eat at Beaches, Warehouse ’23 for Hough Foundation

Eat at Beaches or Warehouse ’23 on Tuesday, Nov. 15, (something you might decide to do anyway, just because it’s a Tuesday and who doesn’t need great food and a river view?) and your delicious meal will help raise funds for the Hough Foundation. Tell your server that you’re dining (or drinking) for the Hough Foundation, and 50% of your proceeds will go to the Hough Foundation to help fund Hough’s Happy Tummy Healthy Snacks program, after-school music programs, mentoring and tutoring programs, basic needs like food, clothes, warm coats and shoes, and the popular Lunch Buddy program, which pairs responsible, caring adults from the community with kids who need a dependable grown-up friend.

This Cash Back Day fundraiser will last all day, from open to close in both Beaches locations—in Vancouver and at the Portland Airport. Reservations are recommended for dinner; call 360-699-1592 to dine in Vancouver or 503-335-8385 for PDX. For reservations at Warehouse ’23, the new restaurant located where the old Red Lion Inn at the Quay used to be, call 360-750-7256. To learn more about the Hough Foundation, visit, or check out its Facebook page.

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