Make Vancouver Bloom

Downtown Vancouver is blooming with a bevy of beautiful flower baskets, thanks to Vancouver’s Downtown Association. The baskets were boosted into their positions on Mother’s Day Weekend, and now visitors to the Couve’s city center are greeted by a kaleidescope of floral color.

But here’s something that you might not know: the project is completely supported by public donations. Each basket costs $220 to purchase and maintain from May through September. Crews water the hanging baskets daily and on days that exceed 80 degrees, the baskets need to be watered twice. It’s a wonderful labor of love.

Donations are being accepted by Vancouver’s Downtown Association. You can give in person at the VDA office at 811 Main St., or you can donate online at The total flower basket budget for the this year is $22,000, and VDA is about two-thirds of the way to that goal.

Vancouver’s Downtown Association is a 501©3 nonprofit (translation: donations are tax-deductible!) that is completely focused on the visitor experience in the city center. It works with property owners, businesses, event planners, and residents to improve and unite the downtown core. Learn more about at

Above image:: volunteers help lift the flower baskets into place (photograph courtesy of Vancouver’s Downtown Association)

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