A “Presidential” Wine Tasting at Latte Da

Latte Da Coffee House and Wine Bar is bringing the region’s best wines to you with monthly wine tastings on the fourth Thursday of each month—and this month, that’s Thursday, Feb. 25. Come to Latte Da any time from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to sample and learn about local wines, including which wines are best for the season and what foods they’ll pair well with. February’s theme is “A Very Presidential Wine Tasting,” and attendees should be open to heatedly debating the samples. (…but no name-calling, please; we like to keep the discourse civil.)

What, exactly, is a “presidential wine tasting”? The evening features wines enjoyed by past presidents, including Zinfandel for Ronald Reagan, who was the first to bring this wine into the white house. Nebbiolo is a favorite of Clinton (the Mr., not the Mrs. Hilary Rodham), and Jefferson loved German wines, so there will also be a German Riesling on offer. The last option is Champagne, a White House staple and the source of the phrase “pulling a Nixon,” who would serve Champagne, but instruct the servers to wrap a towel around the bottle (something commonly done, to keep the beverage chilled) so that it covered the label. In this way (it is rumored) Nixon kept the best bubbly for himself while pouring a lesser quality for his guests.

Fourth Thursday Wine Tastings are held Latte Da’s beautifully remodeled Wine Room. There’s no charge to attend, and you can get four tastes for $5. Complementary light refreshments will be served and there’s also lots of scrumptious things to purchase from Latte Da’s small plates menu. Latte Da is located at 205 E. 39th St. in the Lincoln neighborhood of Vancouver. To learn more, visit lattedacoffeehouse.com or check out Latte Da’s Facebook page.

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