Caps N’ Taps Oktoberfest + Miss Nola’s Cafe

There are two things happening in downtown Camas on the first Friday in October that are too delicious to miss. The first is Oktoberfest at Caps N’ Taps, the craft beer bottleshop and taproom that has been making a splash on the North Bank beer scene for a couple of years now. Caps N’ Taps is hosting its first Oktoberfest celebration from 5 to 11 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 2, and on Saturday, Oct. 3. The party will feature draft beers from local breweries as well as some of the world’s best German Oktoberfest beers. There will also be beer games (like regular games, only more fun, because BEER), raffles, special guests from local craft breweries, and Vienna-style sausages from Dog Heaven. There’s no admission price, and prices for beer vary depending on the type. Caps N’ Taps is located at 337 N.E. 4th Ave. in downtown Camas. For more details, visit

The second palate-pleasing thing that’s happening in downtown Camas is that Miss Nola’s Cafe will be open to serve you Low Country Southern-inspired fare. (It’ll be like having our very own Screen Door, but without the three-hour wait. Although the cafe did actually sell out of food on the first couple days it was open.) Miss Nola’s Cafe—formerly the upscale fusion restaurant known as Harvest—is owned and operated by Tim and Melissa McCusker, who owned a restaurant in the actual South for many years. The space has been totally revamped and boasts a new tin ceiling and walls, new colors (think LOTS OF ORANGE), new tables…and even a few stuffed gators, for extra atmosphere. Miss Nola’s Cafe, located at 401 N.E. 4th Ave., is one of two restaurants owned by the McCuskers in downtown Camas; you might also try Feast at 316 for steak and cocktails.

Above image:  Mmmmmm….beer and biscuits! #getinmybelly

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