Science on Tap: Crime Scenes

Have you ever wondered how crime scene investigations actually work? At the next Science on Tap, happening at the Kiggins Theatre from 7 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, July 15, Rod Englert of Englert Forensic Consultants will take you behind the scenes and explain how homicide investigations can test the limits of an investigator’s power of observation, intuitive thinking, and creative ability. He’ll walk you through the evidence of a homicide scene and show you how “everything means something.” Many case studies will be discussed, including high-profile and controversial murders where evidence is often in the details.

As you learn about crime-scene science, you’re invited to enjoy one of the many fine craft beers available from the concession stand and from the Marquee Lounge upstairs. Wine, pizza and other theater-style snacks are also available. Advance tickets for “Crime Scene Reconstruction: The Devil Is in the Details” are $8 and are available here. There’s a $10 suggested charge at the door. Science on Tap is produced in partnership with Washington State University Vancouver. The Kiggins Theatre is offering Science on Tap guests a discounted rate to see Ex Machina, which shows at 9:15 on July 15, for only $5 ($2 off the regular price).

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