Candy & Wine at Latte Da

As Halloween approaches, you need to know: which wine pairs best with a bucketload of candy? Find out on Thursday night at Latte Da Coffee House and Wine Bar, where you’ll get a mouthful of this seasons “monster” wines with big, bold flavors and learn which wines to pair with classic cold-weather meals. Nebbiolo, for example, pairs nicely with stews or braised meats, Pinot Noir will enhance your creamy mushroom risotto, and Reisling is the ideal partner for turkey. But seriously, what about the CANDY?

When you dig through your child’s Halloween candy bag (and we know you will), this wine-tasting evening will help you be more strategic about which pieces you remove and how to best enjoy them. Try an Almond Joy with Viognier, a Baby Ruth with Cabernet, and candy corn with Chardonnay. (Now we’re talking.) Discover all these tips and more–like which wines to pair with Starburst, Skittles, and creme pumpkins. And remember: Halloween is on a Friday night this year, so you can sleep it off (woops, we mean sleep in) on Saturday morning.

Come to Latte Da any time from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. to sample and learn about this season’s finest sippers. Last Thursday Wine Tastings are held on the last Thursday of every month in Latte Da’s newly remodeled Wine Room. (The exceptions are November and December, when wine tastings will be held on the 20th and 18th, respectively.) There’s no charge to attend and four tastes are $5. Complementary light refreshments will be served and there’s also lots of scrumptious things to purchase from Latte Da’s appetizer menu. To learn more, visit

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