March Music Moderne at Niche

What goes best with jazz (besides wine)? Poetry, of course! During "March Music Moderne" at Niche Wine & Art Bar, you can have all three at once. It's where all the cool cats will be at 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 22. You'll hear poetry from Clark County's first Poet Laureate, Christopher Luna, and the smooth sounds of jazz from local musicians Beth Carp, Julio Appling, Rich Halley, Eric Padget, and Jim Templeton. This is part of poetry journal Printed Matter Vancouver's Ghost Town Poetry series, which presents live poetry readings at open mic nights in locations around Vancouver.
March Music Moderne ("Listening to the Here of the Now"—how hep is that slogan?) is a Portland-based contemporary-classic music series founded by self-styled "avant-impresario" Bob Priest, and Niche Wine & Art Bar is its only North Bank venue. So why drive across the river when you can get all your music-and-poetry needs met here? But wait, there's more: Niche Wine & Art Bar is immediately adjacent—and connected via an open door—to one of Vancouver's edgiest art galleries, Angst Gallery. The gallery will be open during the event, and happy listeners (and sippers) are invited to stroll next door and see original art by some of the North Bank's most provocative artists.
Niche Wine & Art Bar is located at 1013 Main St., just north of the Kiggins Theatre.

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