Plant this: Lettuce

Lactuca sativa

Capitada (head lettuce), crispa (leaf lettuce), longifolia (Romaine)

Start seeds in February for earliest transplanting

Ready to harvest in 45 to 55 days

Lettuce is easy to grow, and available in color variations from deep green to dark red and combinations of both. It takes up very little room and makes an ideal container plant.

Soil should be well-drained and should contain lots of organic matter. Lettuce thrives in cool conditions. Optimum soil temperature for lettuce is 55° to 70°F. Seeds will not germinate in soil temperatures above 85°F.

Start indoors in seed trays or peat pots in late winter a few weeks before final frost. Keep seeds and lettuce plants evenly moist to prevent tip burn. Leaf lettuce may be selectively handpicked from the outside of the plant for continuous harvest.

Slugs can be a problem; hand-pick them off the lettuce.

Plant This courtesy of Anne Lawrence, owner of local CSA, Storytree Farm. Please visit

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