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This year, trim with bright saturated colors, gold and natural elements

Winter holidays are upon us – and while your annoyingly well-prepared neighbor might already know exactly what they’re going to do to decorate, let’s be real: most of us are probably still trying to get around to putting away the stuff from Halloween. So what’s a person who’s short on time but wants their home to look great for the holidays to do?

According to local interior designer Carma Zarosinski, this year’s trends for holiday decor are fun and simple. Whether you’re inclined to give your whole house a makeover or just add a little zip to your table, Zarosinski laid out the basics for staying current during Holiday 2012.

“There’s hardly ever one rule or style,” said Zarosinski, who serves clients out of her Camas studio, Carma for Design. “This year,” she said, “there are two main prongs. One is strong, saturated and vibrant colors. Pantone, the world leader on color, came out with the color of the year this year being a strong, bright tangerine. You’ll see that infused into holiday decorating a lot, along with bright blues, purples, magenta – a lot of colors sort of in the Mediterranean color palette. And then on the other side, more pastel and subdued colors, especially blue.”

Organic materials and looks are also trending, and the main accent color she says we should expect to see is gold. “The big reintroduction this year is gold,” said Zarosinski. “In the past few years you’ve seen a lot of silver, but warm yellows and golds are going to be making a comeback this year. And anything natural or using that natural color palette: driftwood, bamboo, anything organic in nature will be really dominant.”

OK, great – now we know what’s hot – but what the heck do we do with that information? Zarosinski has a couple of simple ideas anyone can do at home.

“Add a little gold to what you’re doing,” she said. “You can find gold wire to use on wreaths, ribbon, and other small accents – it’ll be a really nice warm, yellowish gold.” If you have a tree to decorate, you can try adding in ornament balls in the gold and bright colors, or use them to make a wreath or a swag to hang indoors. “You can also try filling a clear glass hurricane with gold balls, and maybe throw in some of those dynamic colors. Or just try adding some gold ribbon to your tree. Little infusions of sparkle can be really easy.”

For those leaning more toward the softer hues, Zarosinski recommends dashes of pastel color with the natural elements – and, of course, a little sparkle. “You might try some driftwood-color, or woven mats for your table, and intertwine them with some gold ribbon. It’ll be a really nice juxtaposition of the earthy with the sparkle.”

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