Agave’s getting ready to rock

Ever heard of Agave Jeans? Ever touched one of their last-forever cotton pullovers? Trust me, they’re a big deal.

Agave Jeans Co. is getting settled in its newly built Ridgefield headquarters, and the building is just about as hip as the apparel. Lucky for us locals, Agave President Jeff Shafer is planning to open a wholesale retail outlet inside the headquarters. That’s right– wholesale-priced designer clothes for sale in the same space where they’re designed. Pretty rockin’, if you ask me.

What’s even more rockin’ is the party Agave is planning to debut the retail space. Shafer is planning it for sometime this spring, and he wants it to be big, with multiple live music acts and players from the fashion industry mingling with local Agave fans. Coming from a guy who sells fancy pants around the world and plays dance music in his custom-designed office, Agave’s debut is sure to please.

Watch this blog for coming details.


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