Camas Fresh Produce

A Camas-dwelling coworker recently tipped me off to Camas Fresh Produce, and I’m so glad she did.

The shop is brimming with colorful fruits, vegetables, snacks, drinks and spices. At least 90 percent of the products come from the United States. It’s a small space, but it holds a good variety of produce and attracts a down-to-earth variety of locals. The store’s prices are more than reasonable – the 70-cent avocadoes were my first tip, but my $24 bill for three heavy bags of food proved it.

Owner Ali Alquraisha makes a point of keeping local flavor in his store because he believes it’s better for the local economy. He works with 20 local farmers from Southwest Washington, Hood River, Gresham and Troutdale after 17 years in produce with big grocers locally and farmers markets overseas. He wants to form an alliance to certify businesses that get at least 50 percent of their products from the U.S. And he predicts a revival of farmer’s markets and local produce shops is on its way. I say, “amen” to that good news.


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  1. jude says:

    Will you be getting in more cucumbers for pickling..please advise.. I need enough for 23 qts if you have them asap thank you

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