I’m feeling it again, the love for a little town called Skamokawa in Wahkiakum County that I wrote about for the last issue of North Bank.

Courtesy of Don and Kitty Speranza of the Inn at Crippen Creek Farm, I just came across a great blog that’s been around for quite a while, called Skamokacentric. The postings are few and far between but the community links feature local musicians, artisans, bakers, B&Bs, eateries and on and on — all the great stuff that drew me out that way to begin with. Can’t wait to go back.

The photo above, taken by Kathleen, the blogmaster of Skamokacentric, is from an art exhibit going on right now at Redmen Hall. Skamokawa glassblowers Kyle Gribskov and Treasure Collupy will exhibit their work during through next month. The exhibit is open Thursdays through Sundays, in the afternoons.


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