Fair trade olive oil in Camas


Fair trade and olive oil. What two things make dinner taste — and feel — better? A few months ago, Mint Tea was taste-testing Canaan Fair Trade Nabali Tree Olive Oil. It was amazing (and packaged in these very cool tall skinny bottles) so I bought some and later featured it North Bank Magazine. During that process I found out the North American Sales office is right here in Camas.

If you are interested in Fair Trade or think a store in your neighborhood might want to support olive farmers in Palestine, you should definitely hook up with Diane Adkin, who coordinates U.S. sales. They have tons of products other than olive oil that also come from Palestine and they work with major natural products companies like Dr. Bronner’s, which uses Canaan Olive Oil in their soap.

Yum, yum…


P.S. Canaan Fair Trade is going to be on Marketplace on Oregon Public Radio Thursday. Click on Local Air Times and then Marketplace.

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